JuliaCon 2023 Workshop Recordings are Available

Hi everyone,

The JuliaCon 2023 Workshop recordings are now available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmCra6roZn4&list=PLP8iPy9hna6T7PRe2sucSonFsrrH-oEZC

Stay tuned for the other recordings from the conference!

Ranjan Anantharaman
Executive Chair, JuliaCon 2023


JuliaCon 2023 Workshops

Image Processing in Julia

Hands on Lumped Parameter Models with CirculartorySystemModels.jl

Working with DataFrames.jl

Using NeuralODEs in Real Life Applications

Interactive Dashboards with Genie.jl



Thanks Ranjan! Is the vendor that manages the videos accepting feedback? If they are, it’s a shame that the presenter and their screen is so tiny in the frame

It’s impossible for me to watch this on my (fairly large) TV without putting my chair almost right in front of the TV :blush: The presenter’s screen is effectively only using a quarter of the screen area, while their presentation is likely optimized for full-screen viewing.


We’ve given them feedback. Trust me.


Are they going to do something with that feedback? That is, fix it? Because I agree: The slides are too small to be able to read the text. It would be a shame if all the recordings ended up being in this format.

My current understanding is there might insufficient raw footage to the correct the issue. I’ll invite @Wimmerer and @ranjan to comment further.

Huh. I would have thought it was just a matter of making the box with the speaker smaller, the box for the slides bigger, and using all the available horizontal space.

The slides size issue was one of the first bits of feedback we reported. Unfortunately, they did not record the individual raw feeds and put them together in post. The video editing team simply got this combined raw footage. So we aren’t able to change the relative sizing of slides and speaker.

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Yes Ranjan is right. The production team failed to do as asked and record the streams separately, or to be sure that the text covered most of the screen.

Unfortunately there’s no recourse for the existing videos. We will be sure this lesson is carried forward for the future.