JuliaCon 2023 CFP is live!

Hey all! Quick reminder that the JuliaCon 2023 Call for Proposals is now live and closes December 18th.

Find out more: JuliaCon 2023 :: pretalx

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Quick update: based on feedback from the community, we have pushed the deadline to January 15th for submissions.

Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts and hopefully this reduces the stress around the holidays for folks!

With that said, please get in proposals as soon as possible so we can get a sense of demand and such.


Hi @logankilpatrick,

Can you explain how do “Resources” work in the submission form?

We’ve tried to add the relevant URL (e.g. GitHub repository, etc.), but it doesn’t seem to save them in the draft or show them in the preview. Is this the expected behaviour?

Thanks in advance.

CC: @claudio20497


The Resource section is for uploading files / links to files. Please add relevant GitHub links to the description or abstract. I tested this and it appears to be the desired behavior. Pretalx is open source so I suggest opening an issue there since the behavior is a bit non-intuitive (it just removes it when it should say that it was removed and why).

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Thank you @logankilpatrick for your reply.

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