Reminder: JuliaCon Call for Proposals Closes March 31st!


Would you like to speak at JuliaCon? Then submit your proposals within the next week! This is a reminder that JuliaCon 2019’s CfP closes March 16th 31st, 2019, so please submit your proposals soon. Proposals should be submitted at the following website which contains more information.

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What are the dates of the conference? This would help a great deal, I would like to attend and participate. But minimal information such as the date of the conference would be helpful. Paul


Oh yes, I updated the title of the CfP to include the dates.




Hi Chris

I think the deadline was put back to Monday 18th March.


I’ve updated the original post to reflect the abstract submission deadline getting extended:


submit your proposals within the next week!

Did you intend to leave “within the next week” in there?


Wait a week :smile:


Dear Chris,

I am a newcomer to Julia. I have been using Matlab over the last 25 years, and actualy started using Julia just a month ago.

For that reason, by now I do not know enough about Julia in order to make sense to put forward a presentation at the conference.

But I am fascinated by the potentiality of the language and for its open source commitment. Is it possible to attend the conference even if no talk is given? Obviously, I am willing to cover the registration fees.

Best wishes

Vivaldo Mendes


Yes! Anyone is welcome! You do not have to be a speaker to come to JuliaCon!


Dear Chris,

I cannot joint the seminar this year. Hope a good seminar and waiting greedy to see the participants videos.

best regards,

  • henki