JuliaCon 2021 T-shirts and Stickers on Sale Now!

Yes, I also wondered if something like a schedule might be a nice functionality.

I would be pretty cool to have JuliaCon happening inside of Julia as well as on the web. :slight_smile:



It’s a little sad that if one starts with multiple processors, e.g. julia -p 2 , then without an @everywhere using JuliaCon the workers will error when trying to run juliacon2021() .

Using Requires can save the day Iron creases in t-shirt code via Requires by IanButterworth · Pull Request #2 · crstnbr/JuliaCon.jl · GitHub


Need pictures of shirts!

(Currently, country names are chosen uniformly at random. We could use a non-uniform distribution if we’d know where the JuliaCon participants are from.)


If you click through the two links at the top, you can see the images of the shirts.


Alright, live schedule (with configurable caching options) now available in JuliaCon.jl v0.2.0.

Of course, since the 2021 schedule isn’t online yet, one can currently only test it in JuliaCon.debugmode() which simulates that JuliaCon 2020 is live.



Are they really? I had the issue when shipping to France: the website allows to enter such an address, but my order was cancelled later on because USPS doesn’t want Bonfire to ship anything to France. They’re blaming COVID for this, but I recently got parcels from the US through USPS to France… Is there anything you can do about it?

I would ping the folks at Bonfire before you order to see what they say.

Does anyone know if it is currently possible to buy any Julia t-shirt if you are located outside of the United States (European Union - Poland in my case)? I tried Bonfire and they sent me an explanation that “USPS has temporarily suspended service for the country listed in your shipping address”.

I have also tried NUMFOCUS few month ago. They have never sent the t-shirt and stopped replying to my emails.

I am located in Europe and have never had any problems ordering from Amazon United States (there is also Amazon portal for my country now), ebay or AliExpress.

The only thing that seems impossible to buy is a Julia T-shirt? Any experience with your countries outside of the USA?

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