JuliaCon 2020 will be in Lisbon, Portugal

It gives us immense pleasure to announce that JuliaCon 2020 will be held at ISCTE - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL) in Lisbon, Portugal, from the 27th to the 31st of July. Please mark your calendars, and begin planning your travel.

Our first order of business, as always, is organising funding. If you wish to sponsor the conference, or know someone who does, please get in touch with us at juliacon@julialang.org.

A Call for Proposal will be announced soon.

Hope to see many of you in Lisbon next year. Let us make this, yet again, the best JuliaCon ever!

Jane Herriman and Avik Sengupta
co-Executive Chairs, JuliaCon 2020.


Now, this one was really a surprise to me. Didn’t know there was a group of Julians in Lisbon big enough to help host such event. I’ll certainly try to go (live only 300 km from there).

Lisbon is an hot city. And I mean temperature too (in July).


Congratulations for the choice of location! Lisbon has amazing culture, history, people, gastronomy, and natural beauty – with a booming startup ecosystem and (relatively) affordable accommodation. (And thanks for the fantastic reason to go back to one of my favourite countries in the world :portugal::sunglasses:)


Fantastic! Being plane-averse as I am, this is just perfect for me…

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Fantastic choice for JuliaCon 2020. I really hope to be there.

I’m so happy! I’m Portuguese, from Coimbra (200 km from Lisbon), but I barely know any other Portuguese person using Julia!
For this one, I shall take holidays at the time and I shall go!


Julia is a great programming language and Lisbon is fantastic! I am happy and I will certainly come (Düsseldorf, Germany) :star_struck:

I was in Lisbon in late July 2010. 22C one evening; 42 C the next one. A beautiful city.

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OK that’s somewhat doable with a motorbike in two days from Germany :wink:


I vacationed in Lisbon with family this summer, and all I can say is “OMG! What a fantastic city!” Beautiful, historic, friendly, and a gastronomic paradise. Nice choice, JuliaCon!


Thank you for bringing JuliaCon back to Europe! I will participate for sure this year then!


I look forward to returning to JuliaCon!

I want to buy my ticket already! :slight_smile:

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Oh wow. Now I have no excuse not to attend JuliaCon. :slight_smile: I live in Braga (~350km from Lisbon) and am very much looking forward to meet other Portuguese Julians and the entire Julia community — hopefully the event will give rise to an active local community!