JuliaCon 2020 is going virtual

Is there a list of accepted talks already that organizers could share? When the agenda will be released? I would like to organize my schedule to attend to interesting talks.

It’s already public: https://pretalx.com/juliacon2020/schedule/#2020-07-29. There is a link in the menu bar of https://juliacon.org/2020/


What this symbol means in some of the talks? image It won’t be recorded?

Ana amazing variety of talks.
One of the strengths of this community.

What a joy to see a talk about Convex.jl.

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I’m just going to be watching some talks, with little time for anything else.

Is it necessary/desirable to sign up for tickets anyway, or will the talks be published on YouTube relatively quickly?


The main benefit of signing up will be the ability to interact during the conference. Ask questions to the speakers, join birds-of-feather sessions etc. If you don’t want to do that, you don’t technically need to register.

However, I would still encourage everyone to register. It allows us to count viewership/participation much better, and calibrate the resources we need need to plan for.

There will be some (digital) goodies available exclusively for ticket holders, and they will also get the ability to purchase some exclusive swag.




Then I will!

Any info about JuliaCon 2020 Workshops ?

  • Registration? ( my e-ticket valid only for the main conf. dates: Jul 29 - Jul 31 )
  • All worksop will be recorded ?

thanks in advance,

The same registration gives you access to workshops AND talks. The schedule for the workshops can be seen here: https://pretalx.com/juliacon2020/schedule/ (linked from the Schedule menu item on our website)


I was pretty excited for some talks… …to then realise that all those I am interested to are 10 minutes talks… :-/

I understand that online one got bored soon, but 10 min are 10 min… reading a blog post on internet…

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Many talks have been lightnings talks in the physical JuliaCon’s as well. I don’t know if there are more this year, but usually a fair number are. When you submit your talk you get to choose if you want to submit it as a normal talk or a lightning talk.

It’s just a huge operation. With ~40 talks, we then only are able to accept half of the applications to JuliaCon with the majority being 10 minute lightning talks. If we go to like ~60 talks, we’d be looking at a 20% acceptance rate. Or if lightning talks are 20 minutes, we’re at a Harvard-like acceptance rate.

I’ve been thinking about adding a 4th track in future years, but that has its own issues because now people can see less (though there are videos) and, more importantly when on location, we need a 4th concurrent big room which limits the venues we can use.

JuliaCon isn’t “hotel conference” sized yet, so we have to fit it into the constraints of what a university gives us. That said, in the next year, given our growth, it could certainly change.