JuliaCon 2023 Call for proposals (CFP) is live!

Hey all!

On behalf of the JuliaCon 2023 Organizing committee, I am excited to share that the 2023 Call for proposals (CFP) is now live: JuliaCon 2023 :: pretalx and will close on January 15th.

JuliaCon 2023 will be back in person (July 24th - 29th) and will take place at MIT (Boston, USA). We are so excited to have the community back together since this will be the first time doing so since 2019.

We also know that not everyone will be able to join us in person, so we will have a limited number of online talk slots with those videos being shown prior to the main conference itself. The in person talks will also be live streamed to YouTube for everyone to see. If you have never been to an in person JuliaCon, I suggest checking out this video to get a better sense of what the experience is like: JuliaCon 2019 Highlights - YouTube

We look forward to seeing your proposals and can’t wait to feel the in person energy. Early bird tickets will be available soon (and we think they will go fast) so stay tuned for that announcement.

If you have any questions, please post in the #JuliaCon channel on slack or shoot us an email: juliacon@julialang.org.


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Quick update: based on feedback from the community, we have pushed the deadline to January 15th for submissions.

Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts and hopefully this reduces the stress around the holidays for folks!

With that said, please get in proposals as soon as possible so we can get a sense of demand and such.