JuliaCon 2019: July 21st to 27th in Baltimore, MD, USA

Fellow Julians,

The organizers are pleased to announce that JuliaCon 2019 will take place at University of Maryland over July 21-27, with the main conference held between July 23 and 26 (inclusive). July 21 and 22 will be reserved for workshops and the 27th will be a hackathon day.

The venue for the conference is the SMC Campus Center, in downtown Baltimore which is a 15-20 minute cab ride from the Baltimore Washington International Airport. Baltimore is a vibrant city with its Inner Harbor an attraction in itself. The city’s mix of regional culture and ethnic cuisines are spread out among the many neighborhoods in the area. For the avid sports fans, Baltimore is home to the Orioles and Ravens and their stadiums are just minutes walking from the conference event. Baltimore is also a central location to many Federal Research Agencies such as the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), National Institute of Health (NIH), Walter Reed Army Research Institute, National Institute of Technology and Standards (NIST), etc. We expect to attract scientists involved in scientific computing and data science from these agencies and to provide them a first-hand experience with the vibrant Julia Community and language.

The call for proposals will open mid-January and close at the beginning of March. So please line up your ideas and keep your eyes open for the CFP!

Please mark your calendars for this exciting event. Details of the full conference will follow soon.

The JuliaCon 2019 organizing committee

P.S. If you would like to join the JuliaCon 2019 organizing committee to help with our website, fundraising, program committee, diversity and outreach efforts, audio/video recordings, or on-site conference management, please email contact@juliacon.org.


Wohoo, we’re going to Baltimore!


Well done, @jpfairbanks! (I grew up in Ellicott City)


Did you got to Centennial High School?

Mt. Hebron, Class of 1997

Centennial, class of 1984

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Given how close U. Maryland is to NIH (National Institute of Health) and the VA (Veterans Administration), we should have a Health Care Informatics track. We use Julia to implement alternatives to CQL (Clinical Query Language) and Synthea (State-based Synthetic Data Generation). There are a great many topics of interest in health care where Julia is a fantastic tool.

P.S. I’d note that juliacon@googlegroups.com is a closed list that receives delivery failure emails when you send to it.


There will definitely be a lot of health care research mentioned! The local committee for the conference is based in the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy Center for Translational Medicine, and we (Vijay and I) are planning on running one of the pre-conference workshops on pharmacometric modeling in Julia (more information on these workshops coming soon). We also hope to get keynotes in this field from the NIH and/or Federal Drug Association (FDA). I think we can have a lot of fruitful conversation about how the differential equations and machine learning research that has been going on in Julia can translate to real medical practice, and discuss directly with the regulators what hurdles (regulatory and validation) need to be overcome for Julia-based software to start impacting patient outcomes. Being right next to all of these agencies is definitely an opportunity we will not pass up. So if you’re interested in health care applications of Julia, this should be an exciting year!


@cce, there weren’t really “tracks” to the schedule last year, but we organized the talks into thematic clusters as best we could. A tutorial on heathcare informatics would also be a great idea and your work regarding CQL and Synthea, could be a basis to build a tutorial around.

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It’s good to know the Julian’s network is large enough to support a conference.

Also, although it is a bit on the nose, it’s hilarious the conference is in July.



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this should probably be the conference mascot!

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Yeah, as any Baltimorean knows, a customized Boh is appropriate for any occasion. I have an SVG of the Julia Boh, but discourse won’t allow svg’s. #appreciation to Inkscape’s “bitmap to vector” feature.


Is there a Github project for this, or is it a proprietary implementation?

I’m putting together a 3-credit Intro to Programming in Julia for Anne Arundel

Community College and we’ll be ready to kick it off by then.

Dick S.



I tried sending email to |juliacon@googlegroups.com||

I would like to join the organizing committee for JuliaCon 2019.
I live in College Park, MD and work in Annapolis, MD.

How does one voice their interest in joining the organizing committee?

Hi @jgforbes

You could email, juliacon@julialang.org, see this thread :smiley:

I want to submit a session about administrative scripting with Julia real bad, but I live in Germany, and I’m pretty sure my employer won’t pay for me to go, since we don’t use Julia at work… or… not that they know of. :wink:

IIRC, you can indicate that you’d need travel funds to be able to give the talk when submitting the proposal.

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Alright, well, I’ll get to work on the proposal and see what happens. I have a feeling the subject matter isn’t profound enough for them to foot the bill, but no harm in trying. Thanks for the info!