[Workgroup] JuliaHealth Meeting -- June 27th, 2024

Hi everyone! :wave:

Hi folks! Two days until our monthly meeting! Sorry for the delay with getting this out, but here is our tentative agenda for this month:

  1. New attendee introductions
  2. New contributor round-up!
  3. JuliaHealth News
    1. GSoC Reminders
    2. Geospatial Health Informatics
    3. JuliaCon 2024
    4. Warsaw Workshop
    5. Physiological Digital Signal Processing paper with @Datseris
  4. Building a JuliaHealth Blog
    1. Current demo
    2. Feedback
  5. Next steps for research opportunities at Northeastern University
    1. Reviewing current projects
    2. Q&A
    3. Discussing next steps
  6. JuliaCon 2024
    1. Hackathon planning (led by @Jay-sanjay)
    2. Meeting up with folks
    3. Any other planning ideas?

There may be a few more agenda items, but otherwise, that will be it for now! Hope to see you all there! :juliaheartpulsing: :juliaheartpulsing: :juliaheartpulsing:

Date: June 27th, 2024
Meeting time: 12PM EST - 1PM EST
Link to join: Zoom Meeting Info

~ tcp :deciduous_tree:


Meeting starting in 30 minutes! Here is the Zoom Join link!

The JuliaHealth meeting recording is up here: https://youtu.be/ct0m6nPh2Xo

If folks were unable to make it, hopefully you can catch up here! :smile: