JuliaCon 2019: July 21st to 27th in Baltimore, MD, USA


I think making a convincing argument that Julia has unique advantages in a domain that has not received attention at previous JuliaCons will have some appeal.


Do you plan rewrite eggshell in Julia?


No! Julia’s process abstractions are already awesome and there is little to be gained (in my opinion) from an eggshell-like preprocessor. It is already trivial to translate Bash scripts into Julia (one of the topics I might like to cover in a talk)

Additionally, though I have used eggshell somewhat personally, I’ve never considered it to be “production ready” or advertised it as something for other users. I’ve since translated most of my personal eggshell scripts into pure Julia. I think most of my best ideas about process abstraction already exist in base/process.jl and base/shell.jl. I consider the process handling in Julia to be the finest I’ve seen in any language.