Belgium (Ghent), December 21: User meetup


Hi all,

We’re organizing a Julia user meetup at Ghent University, Belgium, on the 21st of December. There will be multiple talks, and a reception afterwards for a chance to socialize with fellow Julia users and developers. The schedule is not yet finalized, but please mark your attendance if you’re interested in this event at

If you want to give a presentation at this event, please send me a message before the end of September.


And we have a program:

14:00 Doors opened

14:30 Tutorial by Tim Besard on effectively using GPUs with Julia
15:15 Talk by Ben Lauwens on the ThinkJulia book and associated package

16:00 Coffee break

16:30 Talk by Bart Janssens on UIs for Jupyter notebooks with QML.jl
17:15 Talk by Jutho Haegeman on efficient strided arrays with Strided.jl

18:00 Reception