Julia -- problems with files on OneDrive?

I’m currently testing some Julia code developed by others. Code that worked for the developers, didn’t work for me. It seems that the problem is that I have put the files on OneDrive. When I move files to the C-drive, the code works.

Question 1: is there a problem for Julia with files on OneDrive?
Question 2: if a problem, is there any chance this might be resolved?

Background: I use OneDrive to sync files between several computers. When Microsoft updated OneDrive to allow for links to off-line files in the Fall Creators Update in 2017, some code didn’t work. However, I resolved that by choosing to download all files.

Seems you might have already done this.

I resolved a similar issue by disabling Files on Demand, from OneDrive settings.


Yes, I temporarily solved my problem with disabling Files on Demand. Now, I again have problems.

Oooooops – I just discovered that Microsoft has re-enabled Files on Demand in one of their updates!!

OK – I’ll check if disabling this solves the problem.

No, I disabled (once again) Files on Demand, restarted Windows, and ran the test again. Still problems. So the problem is deeper than files on demand.

OK – my understanding from this thread is that there is a bug in Julia - OneDrive interaction, and that the bug will be fixed. But it doesn’t say when it will be fixed, or whether it has been fixed. In any case, there is a problem now, so if the problem was fixed, Microsoft must have re-introduced a problem?? [I’m using the latest update of Windows 10, and the latest update of Julia v.0.6.2].

I think https://github.com/JuliaLang/libuv/pull/47 needs to be merged.