Is this a bug, or expected behavior

I’m not really sure if this is a usage question, or more of a design question.

I’m on a Linux system and I have a separate disk for my data called Data which is symlinked inside my home directory like this:

me@my_pc ~ $ ls -al Data
lrwxrwxrwx 1 jonas jonas 10  3 nov 16:03 Data -> /mnt/data/

There is a difference in the Terminal behavior (I use zsh) and julia repl behavior as shown below.

from zsh

me@my_pc ~ $ cd Data 
me@my_pc Data $ cd ..
me@my_pc ~ $

standard Julia

julia> pwd()

julia> cd("Data")

julia> pwd()

julia> cd("..")

julia> pwd()

the Julia shell

shell> cd Data

shell> cd ..

A you can see the Julia behavior and the Julia shell behavior is consistent. However it is still unexpected behavior (to me).

Is this a bug and something I should report? Or does it make sense? I which case, can somebody enlighten me? :slight_smile:

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I just realized I already got my answer here.

.. has special meaning within my terminal (zsh), which keeps track of how I got somewhere. Julia, just looks if there is a sub directory .. in the current directory. Which just points to the parent directory in Linux.

So it was clearly unexpected to me, but it makes sense…

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