Changes to juliaup overnight?

Yesterday, I could use julia just fine. Today I cannot. Has something changed on the julia side or is it me or my IT department?

On opening VS Code, I get the following:

At the command prompt, I get:

then, after a delay, julia appears to start, but it is completely inert and unresponsive.

juliaup is installed in C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\JuliaComputingInc.Julia_1.14.9.0_x64__b0ra4bp6jsp6c\Julia.
The files here, and those in the parent, are all dated yesterday @ 19:10. If I try to open the WindowsApps folder, I get a permission denied error.

I cannot run juliaup today and if I try to reinstall, I get a message saying it is already installed (which it is).

I’ve restarted multiple times.

The only updates I did yesterday were Pkg.update() in two project environments. Could this have brought this about? Was there any other change that I didn’t notice? I did not use juliaup yesterday and am already running 1.10.4.

IT haven’t responded yet but, in any case, aren’t keen on julia or anything open source. I’m just wondering if this is a julia thing or all local at my end.

It’s more a Windows thing as your juliaup installation is automatically updated by Windows. The exact mechanism depends on the installation path you (or your IT department) have used on your machine.

After auto-update the binaries have changed so the security settings are blocking the new binaries.

It’s probably best to discuss a better security policy with your IT security people, as having the newest release is a must for security purposes. Your current policy encourages behavior (like staying with working installations for ever) which is security contra productive. These are general thoughts independent of Julia.

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Thanks for this advice. I’ve sent IT your advice ( :slightly_smiling_face: ) and will wait and see what they say…