Is it possible that `JLD2` /Julia can't read files from another drive? On Windows,

Is it possible that JLD2 /Julia can’t read files from another drive? On Windows, my Julia extension is installed on C (infact, it’s installed in WSL2) and have an SD card thats assigned drive letter D for data files. But the following code does not work:

julia> @load "D:\\wivaccine_rlow.jld" wiv_low
┌ Warning: Opening file with JLD2.MmapIO failed, falling back to IOStream
└ @ JLD2 ~/.julia/packages/JLD2/HYDlD/src/JLD2.jl:196
ERROR: SystemError: opening file "D:\\wivaccine_rlow.jld": No such file or directory

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Posting solution here for other WSL 2 users. Since Julia is running inside essentially a Linux VM, the solution is to mount external and networks drive (i.e. /mnt/c, /mnt/d and also specify paths as linux paths.

So after mounting my SD card, everything worked

julia> @load "/mnt/d/wivaccine_rlow.jld" sols
1-element Array{Symbol,1}: