Julia font face at juliacomputing

Julia font is inconsistent across the website and also inconsistent with the official julia logo font face

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This is the graphic designers’ equivalent of multiple dispatch…one word with many different interpretations. :slight_smile:

Julia Computing and the Julia open source project are different entities so I’m not sure why they would have the same font. Within the site, I’m not sure what inconsistency you’re talking about. This is also probably not the place to discuss Julia Computing since this forum is about the open source project, not the company.

I think the different fonts and overall expression goes a long way towards communicating that Julia Computing and JuliaLang are two different entities, but this will probably not be the last post mixing the two together, and thinking they are two sides of the same coin.

Within the site, musm might be referring to the different fonts in the “Julia Computing”-logo and the font for the products your offer, see the picture.

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The company branding is a work in progress and the product logos are effectively placeholders for now. Developing a consistent branding framework and language takes a lot of time and work. Getting where we are with new company website has been a significant effort over several months.

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