Inline julia logo

Wanted to ask: how “open” is the Julia logo for, say, being submitted to fizzed font?
I wanted to use it in webpages (personally I would use it in my blog when talking about julia, the reason being the logo is gorgeous, fits nicely inline with text, and unlike other languages its name is its logo) but wasn’t sure if it was ok to upload it to that project.

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It seems like would be a good place to include information about the logo’s license / trademark / usage guidelines.

There also seems to be a few instances of the image in various repos:

Not sure if these are being kept in sync, and whether the png ones even should be there, considering JuliaLang/julia#4640.

I believe @StefanKarpinski is the right person to comment on this.

TL;DR: While the julia language itself is open source, the logo is (as of the last time a question about it was asked) property of Stefan Karpinski.

The trademark is now acquired and is a separate thing from the copyright. We need to figure out a usage policy for both. I’ve just kicked off another round of work on that.

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Yes, but that linked post also talks about giving permission to use the Julia logo for non-commercial purposes :slight_smile: If the blog is monetized/serves ads, I guess it doesn’t fall under the non-commercial umbrella though.

EDIT: This very much depends on the exact situation the logo is in from a legal point though.

There’s also this post, which links to a repo in JuliaGraphics….

Seems the matter is complicated, so for now I guess it’s better not to upload it.

Btw while my blog is not monetized (a github pages’ page) I can’t assure everyone who uses fizzed has a non-profit page, and that goes for many of the logos they use which I guess are trademarked (angular js or Unity3D come to mind).