Julia community in Lund

Hi there
I am new in Lund, Sweden; starting a PhD in Mathematical Statistics.
I am curious if there exists a Julia community in Lund.
Thanks in advance.


There are Julia Meetups in Copenhagen. Not that far away.

The control department has a number of active users

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Answering only for my view of LU: People exist, but not quite a community.
While there have been courses, seminars and presentations at internal workshops, there are no regularly scheduled activities, and no active forum that I am aware of.

Getting in contact with Kristian Soltesz would be a good starting point. He has been involved in all organized Julia activities at LU that I am aware of, and has also had an interest in enabling an LU-internal community forum.

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I for one am here too! Happy to meet and talk all things Julia related :slight_smile:

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