Is there a Julia Latex "symbol"? So Latex in Latex is `\LaTeX{}`, is there somethi

Is there a Julia Latex “symbol”? So Latex in Latex is \LaTeX{}, is there something like \Julia{} (presumably after \usepackage{juliasymbols} or something)?

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If you just want to include the official Julia logo in color without much ado, you could inline a PDF:

The \includegraphics[height=0.7em]{julia-logo-color.pdf}  
code used to generate Figure \ref{fig:devilsbraid} is displayed 
using the minted package, which facilitates expressive  ...

to look like this:


I make heavy use of TikZ so the answer in accents - Making a LaTeX version of a textual logotype - TeX - LaTeX Stack Exchange is great, except that I get this instead:

which might depend on the fact that I’m placing it inside a TikZ node, so maybe it’s the nesting of a tikzpicture inside a node that messes it up…?

I think it would be better to type plain Julia than use that approximation … :slight_smile: It is sort of an official trademark, so it should probably be reproduced with some attempt at fidelity… Font should be correct, for example.


I agree. Julia works fine, it’s just that I enjoy flair where I can get it… Anyhow, thanks for looking into this!

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I’m not sure how much TikZ is capable of - if you can access OpenType fonts and UTF8 characters, you could use that font that has the Julia logo and access it that way (although it would be monochrome, obviously).

It’s a bit small when viewed in the terminal… :slight_smile:

Yea, I don’t think that’s possible in LaTeX. Thanks for the answers though.

I guess one way “in” might be through fontawesome, they seem to have a lot of random symbols, also python. Then from there, there’s CTAN: Package fontawesome. But I have no idea how often that LaTeX package gets updated when fontawesome does.

I managed to persuade TikZ to draw Unicode characters from a font:

But I wouldn’t claim that the experience was enjoyable or user-friendly (I’m not a LaTeX user :smiley:).

Code is (avert your eyes now)

  \node (Start) at (-3,0) {};
  \node (End) at (3,0) {};  
    [rotate=190,postaction={decoration={text along path,text 
format delimiters={|}{|}, text={|\huge\JuliaMono|\ ^^^^e801 
^^^^e830 ^^^^e831 ^^^^e832 ^^^^e833 ^^^^e800 
^^^^e801 ^^^^e802 ^^^^e801 ^^^^e830 ^^^^e831 
^^^^e832 ^^^^e833 ^^^^e800 ^^^^e801 ^^^^e802 \ },
      text align=fit to path,reverse path}, decorate}]
     circle[radius=3cm] ; 

OK, baby-steps, I managed to accomplish that at least (install JuliaMono first, thank you Cormullion):

\newfontfamily \JuliaMono {JuliaMono-Regular.ttf}[
    Path      = /usr/share/fonts/julia/,
    Extension = .ttf
\newfontface \JuliaMonoMedium{JuliaMono-Regular}


Languages: {\Huge \texttt{^^^^e801}}, Python


which looks like this:

But I can’t get the logo in color.

Cool. Fonts are nearly always monochrome†, so PDF or SVG (or some more TikZ coding) would be the way to go if you wanted colour or were really procrastinating…:joy:

† Actually, there are colour fonts ( but these are pretty new, and it would be a challenge to persuade LaTeX to adopt the technology (even if there was a suitable font available).


Jokes aside, thanks a lot for the help and amazing work!!!


Shameless self promotion:

It uses the right julia font and correct julia colors and builds from the stackexchange post:


Alas, I get this:
which might have to do with the fact that I’m placing it inside a TikZ node…?

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ah interesting, yes, that is probably it. not sure how to fix it… pull requests welcome :wink:

to improve on this

\newcommand{\julia}{\includegraphics[trim=0 1cm 0 -1cm, height=1.2em]{julia-logo-color.pdf}\ }

just to be clear, my julia_logo_latex package works well in simple scenarios, but since the macro uses a TikZ environment, using the macro in another TikZ environment is probably causing issues for @yakir12.