Julia BeNeLux Meetup group

Small announcement: I have recently become the organizer of the Julia Benelux Meetup group. If anyone lives in the area and has any topics and suggestions for future events, they’re welcome to contact me here or drop me a message on Meetup. Once in-person meetings will be possible I hope to plan meetup events with the participation of the Software Languages and AI groups at the VUB in Brussels :wink: The first meeting(s) will be probably held online. So, do not hesitate and see you soon :wink:


Great. I tried to do it before, but I do not like organize online meetings, so I dropped off. But if you organize an online event I might be able to provide a talk. And if a reel meetup should be possible again, I could organize a room in Den Haag.


How do yo do Uwe , I understand what you mean about online meetings :wink: Thanks for your talk offer (what will the talk be about if I may ask). Den Haag would be a great place to meet, I’m looking forward to that. Thanks,

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Well, I am porting FreeKiteSim (https://bitbucket.org/ufechner/freekitesim/src/master/) to Julia and hope to achieve big improvements in maintainability, multi-platform support, performance (expected: factor 20) and stability. FreeKiteSim was always supported on Linux only and currently depends on a package that is only available for Python 2.x and therefore not maintainable any longer.

Perhaps that could be a nice topic for a talk?


I never heard of FreeKiteSim before. The concept of new julia implementations for older programs with the added advantages of being faster, more modern, portable etc. deserves some merit and attention in itself. Seems a nice topic from several perspectives, thanks.