Julia Atom editor does not show the plot


I’m using the current version JuliaPro and try to create a histogram with StatPlots and output it in the editor Plots pane. But unfortunately I don’t see the graphic but this message:

julia> Atom.JunoEditorInput(Plot{Plots.GRBackend() n=1})

Did anyone have a hint for me (even if it’s not pure Julia)?

Many thanks

Did you enable your plot pane in settings/julia client ? (I had a similar issue a while back and that solved it, apologies if you had done it already)

Thanks for the hint! Is marked, but the graphic is not generated…! :roll_eyes:

Oh yes, I forgot: I use Windows 10 (if that matters).

I have the solution! It’s about the packages StatPlots (it’s “only” version 0.82 allowed) and TableTraits (here “only” 0.3.1)! Now the graphic is displayed in the plot pane again! :sunglasses: