Job Ad: Wireless Systems Research Engineer at Julia Computing

Julia Computing, one of the principal driving forces behind the Julia programming language, is seeking a Wireless Systems Research Engineer to aid in the development of a flexible, Julia-based stack for prototyping and development of a variety of different RF systems. A particular focus of this research project will be advanced beamforming using SDR-based fully digital phased array RF systems, building on top of Julia’s GPU code generation capabilities to enable high-throughput, near-realtime processing of raw SDR sample data. An additional area of focus will be the application of Julia’s machine learning capabilities to the RF domain in an effort to improve the performance of wireless applications on commodity hardware.

Required Applicant Background

  1. Strong Programming Skills
  2. Experience with mathematical/numerical/scientific computing
  3. Background in RF signal processing and simulation
  4. Strong communication skills (regular customer/end user interaction may be required)

Desired Applicant Background

  1. Experience writing Julia code (Julia will be the primary language for all newly written code)
  2. Some familiarity with machine learning
  3. Some familiarity with low-level PCIe accelerator development (e.g. Verilog, Linux kernel drivers, PCIe DMA, etc.)
  4. Familiarity with open source development flows (git, GitHub, etc.)

We anticipate that qualifying applicants will have a Masters or PhD in an engineering discipline. However, any qualified applicants matching the requested background will be considered.

The team is based in Boston, MA, USA. Julia Computing is a remote-first company with the majority of its workforce being remote and distributed around the world.

To apply, please email a copy of your resume, along with a cover letter highlighting your interest in the position and relevant background to with CC to Keno Fischer