Seeking Julia dev for DSP/ML/RF/Comms project



I am coordinating the construction of an-over-the-air MODEM communicator.

Looking to fill per-hour (remote) or permanent (Denver, USA) positions.

Currently we are prototyping in MATLAB / IPython Notebooks and implementing in C++. I am keen to switch prototyping to Julia.

I’m looking for someone with a healthy exposure to Julia that can assist me and catalyse/accelerate the prototyping process. An Engineer in the true sense of the word. Someone with a flair for algorithms, scientific computation, structure, creativity, intelligent design. Familiarity with Machine Learning, DSP, C++, Realtime Audio is a bonus!

Beyond this I’m especially interested in the idea of deploying Julia directly to iOS and Android wrapped within the JUCE (multiplatform) C++ framework, thus circumnavigating the two-language problem. I’m not even sure if this is possible let alone practical. If you can see a path through this please get in touch.

Hit me up if this sounds up your street. Please give me some basic detail of your background, coding experience, Julia experience, time zone, expected hourly rate.

It’s going to be a fun one.



Is it off to reply directly?
I’m not sure that I am looking for work until I complete my PhD (6-12 months).
For reference though, if your still after someone later on, maybe.
And by posting this here I guess it is a bit of self advertising.

I am fully qualified (by Australian standards) as an electrical engineer (though limited real word experience).
My PhD is within the signals processing lab, where I use Machine learning for NLP (not so relevant),
For various side projects in the lab I have applied machine learning to audio signal problems.

I have a fair bit of experience with comms and signal processing.
I mark the final comms units projects some times.
It was my focus area during my engineering degree.

I also have a second undergrad degree in computation (algorithms) and pure mathematics.

My julia experience is pretty solid I think. I’ve been using it for about 3 years.
I’m currently a maintainer for a whole bunch of packages.
I think the most interesting is TensorFlow.jl and the work I am just starting to do to help with the maintenance of JuliaCollections.

My C++ is a bit rusty. I’ve done a few projects in it but I can’t say I mastered the language.
I never did need to get my head around templates.
In general I’m a pretty broad programmer.
I took a semester off to work full time as a C#/Java dev for 8 months.
I’ve not lived purely in the ivory tower.

I got nothing when it comes to getting julia working on iOS/Andriod.


I don’t have any extra cycles for contracting at the moment, but LMK if you end up using any of the JuliaAudio infrastructure for your modem project! That’s exactly the sort of thing we’d like to make easy, so it’d be great if you kicked the tires a little.

For a while now I’ve also been wanting to write a JUCE.jl package that would make it easy to wrap julia in JUCE applications and implement all your signal processing and logic in Julia. It’s not making it to the front burner for me any time soon, but if you want to chat about architecture or approaches I’d be interested in talking about it.