Research Scientist / Programmer in Quantum Information Science

The NSF Center for Quantum Networks and UMass Amherst are looking to hire a researcher with excellent Julia skills to help in the development of simulation/control/optimization tools for quantum hardware and quantum networks.

We are very flexible in the format of the position. Could be a postdoc (PhD required) or a research fellow (no strict degree requirement). Full-time or part-time (benefits included if at ≥50%). Fully remote work is possible, but the applicant has to live in the US (we are looking into how to relax that requirement).

Job Duties:

  • Develop modeling techniques and software tools with capabilities for:
    • modeling quantum systems at various levels of the technology stack, including low-level noisy analog physics, and higher level Clifford circuits for communication and error correction;
    • designing, modeling, and optimizing communication, distillation, and error correction protocols;
    • tightly coupling with experimental data for parameter estimation and Hamiltonian learning;
    • symbolic algebra capabilities for modeling quantum systems;
    • discrete event simulations;
    • automatic differentiation and sensitivity analysis for the prediction of the models;
  • Describes techniques and results for use in scientific papers and conferences; assists in writing reports and articles.
  • Contributes to the development of new research proposals.

The position could be roughly 40% research and development of modeling tools, 40% research of new protocols, 20% “personal” research projects with application to QIS. Excellent programming skills and some familiarity with quantum information science would be needed.

Link to apply (and more details):


A related opportunity at the Quantum Photonics group at MIT. Hires at either position would work closely with each other.