Engineer looking for opportunity

Hi, everyone.

I’m currently looking for a job. I love scientific programming in Julia, and I’m interested in data analysis, machine learning, games, engineering, graphics, and mathematics. I have a Bachelor’s in mechanical engineering (FEI) and a Master’s in AI and engineering (Poli-USP), but don’t mind working in other areas.

I’ve been using Julia for 3 years, but I’m also familiar with Python, SQL, C++, Matlab, and Spark. I’m analytical, calm, responsible, curious, and pragmatic.

I live in São Paulo - Brazil, but I’m open to discuss relocation or remote work. Feel free to DM me, get in touch through my email, send an opportunity you found, or just give feedback about my profile/CV.

Links: LinkedIn, GitHub.


My institute is hiring across a number of positions. If you are interested, let’s schedule a talk.