Issue in run of Atom in JuliaPro

My friends!
I am have issue:

I am use JuliaPrp, Windows 10 - 64 bits.

I presume you have install JuliaPro to J:\JuliaPro- ? Does the julia executable actually exist in the location shown? Can you launch it directly from the file explorer or the command prompt?

Maybe you have some kind of anti-virus that is preventing the program being launched?



I did everything you advised. It’s result:

  1. Run from explorer:
  2. Run from cmd:
  3. Run without anti-virus (Kaspersky):

But I have Atom-1.34.0 on disk “J” and installed Julia -1.1.0 and 1.2.0 - DEV in the same place (J:).

Hello friends!
I have the same problem with JuliaPro

Windows 10 - 64bit

Hi friends!
I was able to run Atom with JuliaPro. Replaced the contents of folders .atom and app-1.36.0 with similar ones created by Juno-Uber.