Julia Pro just opens a plain Atom editor



Hoping someone can help with this. So with the current version of Julia Pro (, on a Mac, when you launch the app, the app icon on the doc opens then self closes and I’m just left with a plain old Atom editor window. Installed from the download twice, but the same thing happens.
FYI: I had Atom installed beforehand, and I’ve also got the command line version of Julia installed, if that makes a difference.

PS. I’m a Matlab escapee, and am loving Julia so far


Did you open up a .jl file?


This was simply double clicking the Julia Pro app icon. If I then open up a .jl file then I just get that file open in a regular Atom window with none of the Julia pro stuff (console, toolbar etc.).

Tried opening a .jl file by dragging onto the Julia Pro app icon, but seems that that’s not a valid thing to do.


If you go on the top to Packages -> Julia, you’ll find the options to open stuff up. The docs give a bunch of key commands for opening this stuff as well:



Well, that’s the thing. There is no Julia package installed, it’s just a plain old Atom window with whatever packages I had already installed in plain Atom. Very confusing.
I’ve had a previous version of Julia Pro working just fine, and the Julia Pro icon persists in the dock. But this present version seems to attempt to load, then bails and opens up a regular Atom window.


Ok. I think the problem was that my version of Atom was not up to date. Seems to work fine now. Sorry about that - but handy to know in case anyone else has this problem.