Is there a PEP8 for Julia?

Is there a Guide to “pretty” Julia code yet? Meaning somehting similar to PEP8 and PEP250 (was it that numbers) from python?

Also: is there a linter for Atom / Juno yet?


6 Likes was referenced for some time, i don’t know the current status.


I should really update that. At this point, I would tend to go with the Julia one:


There is a lint package:

but I haven’t heard anything about integration with Juno.

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I am also interested of the topic. I did some searching and found this issue:

If I understood correctly, it was almost working already.

I ended up doing the package myself:
It’s not yet published, but if someone wants to test drive, there are basic functionalities in place.


FYI, for others finding this question years later, all of the packages have not been updated for a year. This is somewhat expected, given Julia just when through a big version jump and isn’t used by enough Big Corporate Teams to worry by minutia like:

  • How may line-breaks to put between module/functions/imports?
  • Spacing around operators
  • Formatting of type annotations
  • Docstring format

However, I’m still replying to this topic to get notified when the community decides this is a priority.

Personally I find PEP8 overly restrictive and pretty annoying, though I do think having a standardized doc-string format is a really good idea, so a big +1 to that.


I too tend to find such guides a bit overly restrictive, and I think it shifts focus from far more important factors (writing clean, DRY, reusable, maintainable code).

For the latter, there’s the Julia Style Guide.

When it comes to formatting, I think the General Formatting Guidelines for Julia code contributions are great, not too restrictive.


Anything new in this area?

About a general style guide or a formatting tool? There is no ecosystem-wide style guide, there are some different guides. As a formatting tool there is JuliaFormatter.jl, which supports some those styles. I believe it’s also integrated in some IDEs like the Julia VS Code plugin


Some popular guides include BlueStyle and YASGuide.