Julia code formatter / code beautifier



Code formatting is an important task to keep code more easily understandable.

Go have gofmt
Rust have rustfmt
Python have black

I wonder if there’s an active project for such task in Julia.

I’ve found https://github.com/invenia/JuliaFormat.jl from @invenia but it doesn’t seem to be maintained any more.

I wonder what are opinions of core (Base) Julia maintainers about such tools?

Is there a chance to have such tools be very well maintained and be used in Base code?

I also wonder why linter such as https://github.com/tonyhffong/Lint.jl is not currently used in Base (according https://github.com/JuliaLang/julia/blob/master/.travis.yml )

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We have a code formatter in the julia VS Code extension that works.

That code is currently being factored out into https://github.com/ZacLN/DocumentFormat.jl. The linting stuff in the VS Code extension is moving into https://github.com/ZacLN/StaticLint.jl.

All of this work is based on CSTParser.jl, which is actively maintained and also used by stuff that Julia Computing is putting out (e.g. femtocleaner).


Is there a VS Code prerelease that works on Julia 0.7 without the highly annoying deprecation messages?


No, we don’t have a 0.7 compatible version at this point.


It will be great to have an online Julia code formatter (an Heroku app or any web apps framework compatible with Julia.

So code samples could be better formatted using such a service.


VSCode is interesting. I am a big fan of Atom, and there is a really nice style checker for Python. Little warning trianges appear on the lines. This uses ‘pycodestyle’

Somethign similar for Julia woudl be most excellent. Happy to offer to test!


So what should I do in VS code to

  • automatically indent my code (if, for and while loops…)
  • automatically add space to expressions such as a=b+2 to a = b + 2


I haven’t found a clear explanation, even in this thread (Auto)-formatting code?

A Github bot which could create PR to reformat code could be a very nice feature to have.


Select the text you want to format, then execute the command “format selection” (or the precise name).


Thanks @davidanthoff


VSCode is mostly similar to Atom anyways, but with better performance and more active development etc. (also now that MS has bought Github). The VSCode extension is great and you can try it out to see if you can switch from Atom to VSCode.