Pycodestyle equivalent for Atom

I use the Atom editor. I write Python scripts quite often, and only recently discovered the Pycodestyle package.
This places little warning triangles at the start of lines where your coding style violates a set of rules.
For instance trailing white spaces, lines being too long, indentation not a multiple of 4 (in Python of course this is important)

I do not find this restrictive, in fact I find it rather satisfying to wipe out the warning triangles in a ‘whack a mole’ fashion. Hovering the mouse over a warning triangle pops up a window with the explanation of the rule. I know a rule which flags up trailing white space is petty but I dont mind that. Also you can disable a given rule if you choose.

Is there anything similar for Julia?

I’ve heard someone made Lint.jl work for that in Atom.
But I am not sure how.

Maybe via Coala.
Coala works with Lint.jl in general.


Wouldn’t really recommend it because I don’t like Lint.jl. IIRC @ZacLN is working on a CSTParser.jl based linter/autoformatter, so we should be able to integrate that into Juno without a problem once it’s finished.

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