Intro to Julia tutorial in 10 minutes!

Hey everyone! Our next intro to Julia tutorial is starting in a little over 10 minutes at



Are these announced somewhere else as well? It might make sense to post a first announcement say a week before a tutorial here, I assume most folks can’t really join on 10 minutes notice :wink:


They are statically posted on

I see you have one coming up next week.

Yeah, but who ever looks at that page for current events? I certainly wouldn’t. I think it would be good if these were announced here on the forum, on some official julia twitter account, in slack etc. Ideally a week before they happen, again a day before they happen and then one final reminder 10 minutes before they start. I think some loud advertising is helpful :slight_smile:

And yes, I have one next week, and I know about that one :wink:


I completely agree. That’s why I called it static. We definitely need such announcements pushed and not just 10 minutes beforehand.


How about also posting on stackoverflow? (I don’t know if that’s appropriate or possible, but it might help with poaching programmers in other languages ;))

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It’s against the rules.

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Does the Youtube channel use “custom posts” (early announcement of live events) yet?

That would let the people subscribed to the Youtube channel get the info early, and it’s a pretty common way these days to promote live shows. And it can apparently also be linked to social media accounts (of Julia Language) to automatically post the announcement there too.

Yes, our channel gives a notification before and when it goes live.