December 19 Julia tutorial streaming over youtube

Julia Computing will be offering a free two hour online tutorial on December 19 at 9AM CT that will show you some of Julia’s awesome features and teach you that high-level code and performance are not mutually exclusive.

The tutorial won’t require any prior knowledge of Julia as we will start with the basics. Our aim is that you will feel confident starting to use Julia in your own work by the end of the tutorial!

Topics will include the package ecosystem, linear algebra, and multiple dispatch.

The tutorial will stream from youtube at A Gentle Introduction to Julia - YouTube. You can follow along and interact with tutorial materials without installing anything at

Our upcoming events will be published on our ‘Learn Julia’ facebook page.

See you on the 19th!


What time (and timezone)? I couldn’t find the start time from above post, Facebook nor YouTube.

19 December, 9:00 GMT-6 (according to the YouTube link)

Thanks. Obviously I wasn’t good enough with YouTube mobile app to find this information.

I’m looking forward to the tutorial tomorrow! Hope to see some of you there. :slight_smile:

This is a really nice introduction to Julia and definitely deserves to be on! Will you be running all the rest of the tutorials or are there plans to invite the authors of some popular packages to talk too?

Thanks! Right now we’re thinking that we’ll shoot for an average of two tutorials per month; I’ll run the same basic intro tutorial once a month and then we’ll have deeper dives & package specific tutorials about once per month. For the latter type of tutorial, we’re hoping to recruit the authors (or well-acquainted users) of popular packages to speak as well!


Great tutorial. Are the notebooks you use just the ones? If so, is there anyway I can point people not using to get the latest notebook files (i.e., students of mine who may have Jupyter isntalled themselves, or are using a Julia on a different Jupyter server)?

I can obviously copy them down myself, but thought it better to send people to the official source if possible.

Sorry for the delay, and thanks for the feedback! Yes, the notebooks I was using during the tutorial are just the ones. I can put these notebooks up in a publicly accessible place on github if you think that would be helpful. :slight_smile: I have a few updates to make first. I’ll ping this thread again once I’ve done that.


That would be great, thanks! If you end up doing a variation of the notebooks using RISE as a set of slides, that would also be helpful.

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Sorry for the delay! I’ve updated tutorial content and added them on github here: