Internal Error when running run(`cmd /c start exel.exe`) on Windows

Hi, first of all, thanks for the good work done with Juno!
We found a peculiar behavior when running our code wiht the newest version of Atom.
Whenever we want to open a excel file from Atom with this command:
run('cmd /c start chrome.exe')
The following error message appears:
And in the following, whenever we switch the view from REPL to the editor or in a different view of Atom a new instance of the error appears again.
This error occurs under Atom 1.30.0 (in 1.26.1 it works without errors). Julia Client is version 0.7.6 and the operation System Windows 10.
I was wondering, if there is a way to get around this, or if using an older atom version is the way to handle this?

I can’t reproduce this locally –

run(`cmd /c start firefox.exe`)

works fine for me locally. I suspect this happens because of an invalid working directory, so it would be interesting to know what pwd() returns. Do you have any projects open in Atom (i.e. is there something in the Tree View under View -> Toggle Tree View)?

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@uwechsler Did you try run(`cmd /c start chrome.exe`) instead of run('cmd /c start chrome.exe') (note the different ticks)?

Yes, I used the backwards ticks in my code. I just had trouble displaying them in the post.

You were totally write. Looking at pwd() enabled us to solve the problem.
The working directory was a folder on the server and not a local path.
After changing the working directory to a local path, the error disappeared.