Problem with atom using julia

I’m using julia in atom, and I’m trying to open an excel file using ExcelReaders package. There is no problems when I run julia directly, but through atom gives me the following error message:

"ERROR: LoadError: PyError (ccall(@pysym(:PyObject_Call), PyPtr, (PyPtr, PyPtr, PyPtr), o, pyargsptr, kw)) <class ‘FileNotFoundError’>
FileNotFoundError(2, ‘No such file or directory’)
File “C:\Users\Daniel Castro.julia\v0.6\Conda\deps\usr\lib\site-packages\”, line 111, in open_workbook
with open(filename, “rb”) as f: "

I think the problem is where atom is searching for that file. ¿Does anyone know where may I change the path or wher atom is looking for the file?

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Daniel Castro

Not sure if it’ll fix your problem, but try starting Atom from a terminal – that you way your PATH is the same as when you start a Julia session in the terminal.

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You need to change your current working directory:


You can read more about it in:

then you can run you file using ExcelReaders package.

I hope it helps.

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