Instructions for deploying Genie applications to virtual machine and container platform

Hello! During summer 2021, I have been working at CSC, testing their cloud computing resources from the user standpoint. First, I used the Genie framework to create a simple web application with a user interface and JSON API. I also created some unit tests. Then, I deployed the application to a traditional virtual machine and a container platform. Here are some details:

  1. I deployed the Genie application with Nginx reverse proxy and encryption with Let’s encrypt to Ubuntu 20.04 virtual machine with OpenStack on the CSC Pouta cloud service.

  2. I created a Docker container for the application and deployed it to OpenShift 3.11 container platform on the CSC Rahti cloud service.

You can find the code from the csc-training/GenieWebApp.jl repository and detailed setup and deployment instructions in the documentation.

I’m still improving the instructions and plan to write more about automating the deployment. The deployment instructions may be helpful even if you are not using Genie. Also, I might create some videos about deploying Genie applications. If you have questions or feedback, I would be happy to answer them!