Tutorial GenieFrameworks.jl

Hi everyone,
I’ve been using Julia for data analysis for a while now and I’ve always fancied creating streamlit-like data applications with Genie.jl. I’ve always found Genie complicated to use in comparison with streamlit, but then I saw this blog post about GenieFrameworks.jl and the macros @in, @out, etc. that it introduces:

The blog post itself already compares the lines of code needed before and after after this release for a simple data app, its beautiful! However, as an inexperienced Genie user, the explanations how to now build a data application are scarce. Is there a good tutorial around how to use this new upgrade to the genie ecosystem?

I really fancy using Julia as a backend to produce a locally-run data app, in an entirely julian environment (combining streamlit with PyJulia and JuliaCall hasn’t cut it so far, though it could be a really powerfull combination…)

Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance!


hey there @candidaorelmex, glad to see you’re interested in Genie! If you’d like to build dashboards and data applications with Genie, here are some resources: