Deploying a web app built with Stipple?


I built a web app using Stipple, and I’m hoping to get deployment advice.

Web App Background:
I’m making a web app where owners of pet rabbits can input their rabbit’s details (e.g., weight, age, breed) and food intake (i.e. vegetables, fruit, fortified food). The output is a nutritional analysis (e.g., total calcium in mg) with errors if upper limits are surpassed. Here’s a screenshot of part of the web app sans the nutritional analysis at the bottom of the page:

This is a personal project, meant to help pet rabbit owners make healthier choices for their pets. There’s more I want the web app to do, but I won’t get into the details here.

Web App Deployment:
I registered a domain name with Google Domains and plan to use Google Cloud for web hosting. However, there are many ways to host dynamic websites through Google Cloud (e.g., App Engine). I’m wondering if anyone has deployed a Stipple App through Google Cloud and might have tips or a how-to guide? This is my first web app.

I’ll add that as a personal project (i.e. not funded by any organization), I’d like to keep the project costs on Google Cloud relatively low.


P.S. - It is very late here, and I apologize for any typos.


@astrowanders Did you manage to deploy it yet?

I do not know Stipple.
But I recently successfully deployed a Dash.jl app on Azure (making use of Docker). I don’t have time to put together a how-to, but if anyone wants to go the Azure path, I can try and answer specific questions. Here is a tutorial for Dash/Python on Azure (I think I followed this one). I think Azure does have some free quotas for webapps.
I will also cross reference this thread

Hi @essenciary!

Not yet. I ended up connecting my Google Domain to Digital Ocean. I have an Ubuntu 20.04 droplet and am hoping to deploy my Genie app with Nginx.

Hi @essenciary!

I’m following Deploying Genie apps to server with Nginx.

When I try to launch the app as


I receive the following error, which traces to StippleUI.

I’m hoping that you might advise me on how to proceed?

Thank you!

Hi @essenciary,

I was able to deploy my web app:

However, it doesn’t seem that any of the functions work although they work on my local computer. I thought this might be ameliorated by switching to HTTP as the transport layer

transport = Genie.WebThreads

But this didn’t solve my issue? Is there something else I’m missing?

Thank you for your time!

@astrowanders Can’t figure out what’s wrong from the errors and warnings alone.

I suggest:
1/ check that you have the secrets.jl file? It seems to be missing.
2/ please pass me the Julia version (julia> versioninfo()) and the output of pkg> st (to see the versions of the packages used)
3/ maybe better to open an issue with these on Github so we don’t spam this forum

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