Installing a Pkg

Hi! I’ve tried several times to install the Distributions Pkg.
I’m using the 1.5.3 Julia version, and every time I’m tring to add it, there’s an ERROR message.

I’ve tried from the pkg enviroment with the commands

add Distributions



and from the central enviroment by

using Pkg

however at the end of the process this message appears

Updating git-repo
Updating registry at C:... \.julia\registries\JuliaComputingRegistry
Resolving package versions…
ERROR: expected package Reexport [189a3867] to be registered

I don’t know what to do, thanks in advance!

When I encountered similar errors in the past, ]registry up has solved them.

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Are you using Julia Pro or the standard Julia install?

Anyway, try remove C:... .julia/registries and try again.