Is Distributions.jl a built in package?

When I try running it I get this:

![Screenshot from 2021-05-01 13-35-14|690x387](upload://rvrwCS99k3WHfz0jtaZw8Asf8Ip.png) 
![Screenshot from 2021-05-01 13-35-27|690x387](upload://yuX26F9NNLI5YuX6RaswbtjKhnC.png) 
![Screenshot from 2021-05-01 13-35-29|690x387](upload://e5xne8LFwfgotdQ3Lkiu6b3sJTA.png) 

I tried adding it

It is not a built-in packge.

] add Distributions

should add the package.

no I required that I install a SpecialPackage, and restart Julia. I fixed it, but it was weird.