Workspace and plot windows

Is there a possibility to open Julia workspace and/or plots in a separate window in Juno (Atom)? I am used to this in MATLAB and Stata, but I can’t find this option in Juno (Atom).

This feature is really useful when working on a small-screen laptop with additional screen, while dealing with many large matrices (and, in particular, multidimensional objects) and/or plots.

No, unfortunately not. You can however disable the plot pane and connect to an external REPL, which would give you two floating windows at least.

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Too bad, but thanks for your answer.

I managed to run the code in this external REPL, the code that should produce multiple plots, but as the code was being executed, the consecutive plots were displayed in just one GKS QtTerm window. After the execution ended, I am just stuck with the only last plot produced that way in the one and only window.

That’s a limitation of Plots or GR, IIRC. I don’t think there’s much you can do about it bar fixing the upstream issue.

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