How to draw a circle of 500m away from a point on a map? or how to highlight all connected ways?

Is it possible to draw a circle around a coordinates? I knew that with folium one can plot a points on a map:

using OpenStreetMapX
using PyCall

points = LLA(43.658813, -79.397574, 0.0)

using PyCall
flm = pyimport("folium") #note that this requires folium to be installed
m = flm.Map()

flm.CircleMarker((, point.lon),
        tooltip="Here is the Fields Institute"
MAP_BOUNDS = [ Tuple(m.get_bounds()[1,:].-0.005), Tuple(m.get_bounds()[2,:].+0.005)]



This shows the map and the points. How to make a circle of 500m big around this point? Or is it possible to highlight all highway roads that are connedted to this point up until 500 meter away from it?

isn’t that a pure python question? folium is not a Julia package

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@jling I’m not familir with folium. I guess it’s a python package. But Julia has pyimport
Indeed it makes no different for me whether follium or osmx itself. I’m curious to know how to draw a circle around a point or identify and highlite all ways crossing that points.

An example with 5000 km radius

using GMT

coast(region=:global, proj=:eqc, coast=true)
plot!([-9 39], symbol=(symb="Ellipse", size="5000k"), fill="lightgreen@50", show=true)


think about what’s the implication of this, because Julia has pyimport, Julia need to answer all python’s usage questions? I’m just saying you’re using a Python package so Julia discourse is likely not the most helpful place to ask usage question.

OTOH, if you’re willing to switch to a Julia package, this is a great place to ask questions


Yes @jling you are right. Thanks :slight_smile: