Simulate the transportation on the map using Julia



I’m doing a project, part of which requires to simulate the transportation on the map of a certain area. After searching from the internet, I found the following two links related to map data simulation/visualisation.

I was wondering, are there useful updates as it’s already 2019. The other option is to write the code using Python and then execute these code using Julia. I, of course, really enjoy Julia and would like to see if it’s possible to do everything in Julia. Any comments are greatly appreciated.


The title of this post doesn’t seem to correspond with the question. Are they related?


I have updated it.


If you are using OpenStreetMap then you might consider + In particular they were designed to support visualization of agent-based simulations on maps. There is a scheduled presentation of these packages on Jan 17, 19 @ Fields Institure by @pszufe if you would have a chance to participate, see here for the details.


Thanks, bkamins. your suggestions are very helpful. I’m checking on those two packages. Probably can not go for the presentation though.


I tried the two packages. They work really well. The only thing is, it takes a huge long time to run. I think it’s because of the huge size of the input Open Street Map (.osm) file, which is like 1.5 GB. (“crying…”) Is there a better way?


@bsnyh use the OSMFilter ( utility to filter out unnecessary information from the .osm file (there is really lot to filter out like contributor name or not-road-related data).

Moreover, note the loading time is long only for the first time. With the default settings the OpenStreetMapX creates a *.osm.cache file that keeps a copy of the Julia object representing the map (using the serialization mechanism).

This library is currently under further development and you are welcome to comment/propose features.


Thank you. I will definitely contribute if time allows.


I’m not sure this is what I need. Sigh. Can anyone help me? Is this because of the format of the .osm file ?