JUNO Atom on the Mac, autocompletion strange behaviour

The autocompletion is not working on my JUNO Atom on my Mac

I stop Julia console (REPL panel) on Atom
uninstall latex-completions 0.3.6
install latex-completions 0.3.6
now at this point the auto completion works again
but when I execute the julia code on atom, the julia starts in julia console panel (REPL panel) and auto completions stops working.

When I stop julia in the julia console panel (REPL panel) on Atom then the auto completion on Atom start working again!

I am really baffle by this. Can anyone offer an explanation on why this is happening? At the moment, everytime I want to edit my julia source code, I need to stop julia in the REPL panel to have auto complete functionality in the atom editor.

Atom 1.32.2 X64 Mac
Julia 1.02
latex-completions 0.3.6
indent-detective 0.3.1
ink 0.9.13
julia-client 0.7.11
language-julia 0.18.0
tool-bar 1.1.11
uber-juno 0.2.0

I had a similar issue and it was solved by making sure all my Julia-side packages were up-to-date. Make sure you do a ] up from the Julia REPL and then restart Juno. I’m currently on Juno.jl v0.5.3 and Atom.jl v0.7.11

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You are right

on the Julia console (REPL panel), I type “]” to enter the package manager
then I type “up”
and when it finished upgrading the packages, I quit atom and then restart atom again
and Now I got autocomplete working again even when julia is started in the REPL panel on Atom