Help running notebooks in a server

I’m not 100 % sure that this is the place to make this question. The truth is that I’m quite lost…

I’m creating a few interactive notebooks using Pluto and I would like that my students could use them. They are studying human nutrition and have zero interest in programming. Running Julia in their computers is not an option. So, I think that the easiest way is to put the notebooks in a server.

The problem is that I am not sure how to do it. The first question is where could I put the notebooks. My ideal would be Rshiny, but I couldn’t find anything close in Julia. I know that Cocalc has Pluto.jl but I’m not sure if the notebooks could be public.

I understand that I need a server, install Julia, Pluto and so on. Is there a (easy) guide showing how to do it? I have looked and I found several, but I don’t know if they are updated.

I’d like to find a cheap server to do this, My notebooks are quite simple, I don’t need anything very powerful. What could be a good option?

Hi @runjaj
This might be what you are looking for: GitHub - fonsp/pluto-on-binder

Good luck!

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