Handling multiple versions of julia in jupyter

Hi. I’m using anaconda to manage my python and jupyter installations. Awhile ago I installed julia v0.6 manually and got it working with jupyter. Now I’ve found that I can use conda (conda-forge) to manage julia. However, I can’t figure out how to get jupyter to find the new installation of julia (v1.0). Ideally, I’d also like to install v0.7 so that I can try code with different kernels.

I’ve gotten a bit confused from online documentation, where the recommended steps seem to be 1) install julia THEN 2) install jupyter. I’d really rather just learn how to switch between julia versions from within my existing python/jupyter installations.

Thanks for any advice!

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Ah, I think I’ve got it now. All I needed to do was to run the newly installed version of julia from the command line and at the prompt:

julia> Pkg.add("IJulia")

jupyter found it the next time I ran it.

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