Jupyter not finding Julia 1.5.1

Hi. Usually when I want to install a new version of julia kernel for use in a jupyter notebook, I follow the follow these steps:

  1. Install julia (say v1.5.1)
  2. Run julia from a command line.
  3. julia> using Pkg; Pkg.add("IJulia")
  4. Quit julia
  5. Run jupyter notebook
  6. The new kernel is available under the New tab.

However, trying to install 1.5.1, steps 1-5 proceed as usual, but I’m not seeing Julia 1.5.1 as an option. I can’t figure out what’s different this time.

(FWIW this is on an ubuntu machine.)

Thanks for any help or tips.

Pkg.build("IJulia") (probably).


Yes, thanks! I wonder why I didn’t have to do that previously. Or maybe I forgot to note it down. Won’t forget next time!

thanks you saved my day