Handling compatibility requirements for identical packages across two registries

We’ve been migrating packages in the JuliaPOMDP/Registry over to General and I’ve been experiencing odd overlapping compatibility issues with packages listed in both registries.

When adding a package (say MCTS.jl v0.4.6), how does the package manager resolve overlapping compat versions listed in each Compat.toml file?

I saw that @fredrikekre mentions they’re merged, but my question stems from conflicting version windows.

As an example, the last entry in the MCTS Compat.toml file in the JuliaPOMDP/Registry goes to ["0.4.3-0"]. The first version registered with General was 0.4.4. Is the correct approach to cap-off the version in the JuliaPOMDP/Registry so it’s upper bound is not -0, but instead simply ["0.4.3"] (in this case)?

It seems like the package manager first goes through the JuliaPOMDP/Registry Compat.toml and determines if it can resolve compatibility issues, then goes over to General. Is that correct?

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