Using multiple registries

I have seen that JuliaPro comes with its own package registry at, more restricted that the General registry of Julia.

I suppose that this will make the experience with JuliaPro even more stable, so it is a safe default option. But naturally many may want to access the General registry.

Although undocumented, it was pretty easy to search where the “JuliaPro” registry lives in the JuliaPro installation directory tree, and clone the General registry next to it.

But now that I have two registries, how can I know what will be used by default when add-ing new packages, etc.? And there is some option to choose which one use?

(This question comes from using JuliaPro, but may be useful also in other circumnstances.)

Both will be used, the registries are merged when doing Pkg operation such as gathering version info etc.

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