Do AutoMerge of Julia Registry and CI use the same package compatibility rule?

I am very puzzled by the behavior of AutoMerge process of the Julia Registry.
I had difficulty registering my updated version of the package GitHub - UCD4IDS/MultiscaleGraphSignalTransforms.jl: MultiscaleGraphSignalTransforms.jl is a collection of software tools written in the Julia programming language for graph signal processing including HGLET, GHWT, eGHWT, NGWP, Lapped NGWP, and Lapped HGLET. Some of them were originally written in MATLAB by Jeff Irion, but we added more functionalities, e.g., eGHWT, NGWP, etc.

I had to nail the version of Clp package in my repo’s Project.toml under compat as Clp = "1.0.1" for successful push and registry. If I just set up Clp = "1", then for the CI tests, it tries to use v1.0.1 as expected. However, AutoMerge (1, ubuntu-latest, x64) tries to use Clp v1.0.0 and fails. I do not understand why AutoMerge and CI try to set up Clp of different versions.
I really want to avoid this kind of problems in the future when I register updated packages.
Thanks for your help!