Google Summer of Code plans and questions

For background, I am a Systems and Information Biology student looking to plan for my undergraduate research thesis that would start in the summer. I have previous internship experience as part of my university’s Co-op program.

I would love to be able to pursue a thesis in Julia, focused on biology but not necessarily so as I am allowed to pursue ideas in other fields. I have previously written a small research project for a bioinformatics course in Julia, and I believe that the Google Summer of Code would represent a wonderful opportunity to combine both an internship and research experience into one. As the total research period would take place over both the summer and fall terms, I would be able as well to continue the project even after the GSoC is finished.

I would like to reach out to those that have participated in the GSoc prior, either with or without the Julia organization, for your insight into the application process and your experience. I would also like to discuss further with those within the organization about potential projects and mentors as I have a number of ideas I would like to research but want to ensure that they benefit the overall Julia community as much as possible. Please message me privately as I would like to keep my personal details confidential on this public thread.

Thank you very much for reading!

Take a look:

Trying to find a project you are interested in and then contact the mentor.

You may also want to join #jsoc on slack

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